[News] Exo Interview by E-Daily 130924

[INTERVIEW E-DAILY] 130924 – “EXO answered! ‘When I meet a female, the place I look first?’”

‘The place that EXO looks first when they meet a female?’

In the first half of this year and the second half of the year, hitting success one after

another with two songs, ‘Wolf and Beauty’ and ‘Growl,’  EXO found their spot as this year’s best driving force for this year. More than anyone else, they are spending their time busily. E-Daily, StarIn recently met with EXO and had an interview. In writing, we asked the three questions the fans were most curious about and listened to their answers.

-What do you want to do if EXO was given a short vacation, time for yourself.

I want to go to a quiet place and have time to myself. I want to empty my head and start with a new heart. (Sehun)
I want to go home to meet my parents. I also want to go on a backpacking trip by myself as well. I think I will be happy just with the fact that I am free. (D.O)
I want to go home. I want to gather with my parents and eat homemade food. I wasn’t able to go home for a long time because of schedules and I miss my parents and miss homemade food. (Baekhyun)
I will go to China. I want to see my parents. (Tao)
I want to meet my middle school, high school, and college friends. (Suho)
I want to have a meal with my family on one table. It has been a while since I ate a meal with my family. (Chen)
I miss my parents and I also want to go to a tranquil place and relax carefree by myself.(Kai)
I want to go to the beach or a ski resort with the members. There was no time when we went to go play with the members. (Chanyeol) 
I want to go on a trip. I wan freedom. (Kris)
I want to go home and meet my parents. (Luhan)
I want to go play. (Lay)
We usually move with a car. I want to walk on the streets to my heart’s content.(Xiumin)

-If EXO became a super hero, what do you want to do.

I want to just change everything. (Sehun)
I want to help all the unfortunate people in this world. I want everyone in this world to be happy. (D.O)
I want to go to outer space and travel around various planets. I also want to go to the bottom of the sea. Because I’m really curious, I’m curious as to what is there. (Baekhyun)
I want to be an actor. (Tao)
While revolving the world, I want to help all those that are in danger. Isn’t that what a super hero’s role is. (Suho)
I want to fly. I think it would be comfortable when we go from our schedules. (Chen)
Like Spiderman, I think I would quietly live my own life while preceding. (Kai)
I want to fly in the sky freely. I want to help those that are in trouble or hurt. (Chanyeol)
I want to fly in the sky. Because I can’t fly. (Kris)
I want to live freely. (Luhan)
Whether it is home or wherever I want, I want to fly there. (Lay)
If we become a super hero, do we have to do something? (Xiumin)

-When you see a female, where is the first place you look at. Why?

I don’t have anything like that. I think feel is most important. (Sehun)
Although I have any standards, I think I try to see the person’s overall facet. (D.O)
Skin. I personally like a female with nice skin. (Baekhyun)
Face. (Tao)
Face. I like a girl who smile brighting while greeting when we first meet. If I want to see her smile, I need to see her face. (Suho)
Eyes.  Even when talking, I like talking while looking in someone’s eyes. (Chen)
Personality. Even if her appearance is outstanding, if her personality does not match then she is not harmful. (Kai)
I look at the feeling a lot. If she is a person that connects well with me or not. (Chanyeol)
Eyes. This is the place I look at first. I like pretty eyes. (Kris)
Legs. (Luhan)
It is the eyes. (Lay)
I don’t really know. (Xiumin)

source: E-Daily
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans and Oh Sehun.Net
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

^^Kim Tae_Ah^^


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