[ FanFiction English Version ] Gangsta ? ( JIN Ver ) / (Boy In Luv ver ) [ PART 1 ]


This is real from mine ^^

Title : GangSta

Author : MeiFang22 ( nama samaran di AsianFanfics ^^ )

Genre : romance,friendship,school.

Main cast : Kim Seok Jin [ JIN BTS ]
You as [ OC ]

Support Cast : (you can find it in the story)

Note : Warning! This just a fanfiction! Cast and the story just a story  and imagination from my mind ^^
I hope you enjoy it !!! Please Don’t Copy Paste without my permission ! 😀

“What will you do if meet a bad gangsta?”

This is your first day to go to your new school. You really feel happy and your face look so bright in the morning.

But someone knock your door and open it. “sweetheart… don’t forget to breakfast..” said your mom. And She smile at you.
You smile back to your mom. “Ne eomma… but I want to take a bath now.” After you said that your mom know it and leave you.

***Boy In Luv***

You are stand here. Actually, you are in your school now as a new student. You really feel excited now. You are ready to start your day today.

You walk in the coridor to find your class. You really confused now. You never think, this school is really big and have so many classroom. You try to ask someone, but no one walk around the coridor.

After you try to find your class. Your eyes catch something. You see so many student in there. And you really shocked after you see what happen there. “A fight?” You said it secretly.

You look a young boy have a injure in his face and he really feel pain. “omo… what are they doing?” You mutter now.
Hey! Stop that! You can kill him!” You shouted at them. And run to the boy and you try to help him.

After you yell and run to help. All students around you and the six people looking at you now. You can hear one by one of the students whisper each other now.

“What are you doing,huh? You can kill him! ” You shouted at the one that hit him before. He have a blonde-pink hair with the sharp eyes.

He grin now. “Who are you,huh? You didn’t know us?”

“I’m (Y/N)____ and I new student here. And who are you?” You said it and asked him back with flat face. After you said that you help him to stand and you put your hand on his shoulder.

One of the member with black hair and have a sharp eyes laugh at you after he hear you are a new student here. And make all students around you, laugh at you too.

“Let’s me tell you who I am… We Are BTS!” the boy who have blonde-pink hair said it.

“That’s right! We are popular here.. and no one to resist us.” The boy with brown hair said it. He have a cute face.

“And as you know… we have seven members in our group. But the boy you help is my friend… but not for now…” the boy with black hair said it.

“BTS? Gangsta? Are you kidding me?” You chuckled now. And all member look at you. “You are all look like a bunch of fools now!” you said it with grin.

After you said it, all of students around you right now show a surprise expression. All of them can’t believe what you said now. Especially all member of BTS. Now they show the different face.

You ignore them and bring the boy beside you to be treated. “ I will help you and treated your wound.” You said to him. But he just look at you and didn’t say anything to you.

“What? She said what?” The blonde boy said with shocked.

“YA! Where want you to go!” the boy with cute face shouted at you. But you keep walking and ignore them.

***Boy In Luv***

You treated his wound now. And You slowly to treated his wound. But he looking at you now and your face is really closer with him. But you look away. You feel your face is burn now.

“It’s done.” You said. You try to hide your face and look away.

“Thank You for help me…” said Him.
You smile at him. “You’re welcome..” said You.

“My name is Jin… what’s your name?” he said it with smile on his face.

“(Y/N)___” you said your name.

“What happened? Why they hit you? And I hear you are friends of them right?” You asked him back.

He sigh. “One of my friend misunderstand of me…I try to explained it but he didn”t want to hear me..” he said it.

“Misunderstand? About what?” you asked.

“He accused me of taking his girlfriend… and screwing her.” Said Jin.
You eyes wide perfectly and you can’t believe with what you hear. “What? Does he have a proof?” You asked.

“Yes.. he showed me a photo.. but I can’t believe it and try to explained it.”

“I feel you was in trapped…”

“I also think that way…” he sigh.

“Do you remember something about the inccident before it happen?” You ask him.
Jin look thinking now. Try to remember what happened. “I can’t…” he look so frustated when try to remember it.

“I understand… I’m sure you will remember slowly…”
He smile at you. “hhmm… you said you are new student here right?”

“Oh God! I will get a problem…” you sigh.
Jin hold your hand and smiled.

“Don’t worry… I will help you…” he smile at you.

***Boy In Luv***

You really feel bad feeling now. All member of BTS give You and Jin a punishment. You really feel annoying with all member now expect Jin. You can’t accept about what happen today. Expecially, You get a punishment from the dumb person.

“Suga hyung… what will we do with them?” The boy with blonde hair said.

“Hhmm…” Suga look think now.

“I have a idea hyung…” the boy with black hair.

“What’s that V ?” Suga asked.
Now you hear and know one by one the name of all them. You really feel weird with their name. You think they name look like alien…

“What if we give a punishment to clean the toilet and our room?” said V.

“I agree with your idea hyung.” Said The boy with black hair.

“How about with my idea hyung?” V asked Suga.

“I agree with you now… And You..” Suga look at you. He grin when he look at you. “You must to clean the male toilet. And Jin female toilet. Do you understand?” Suga keep grin when he look at you after said your punishment.

“What??”You said in shocked.

“This isn”t fear!” You guff to Suga now.

“The world isn’t fear, right?” after Suga said that, he left you.

“When he back, the rooms and the toilet must to clean..” The blonde boy said it and left you and Jin. One by one follow him too.

But V last to left you and he look at you and said. “You must to listen him. okay? If not.. Your punishment will accrue..” after said that V left you and Jin with grin in his face.

“YA!” You shouted at them. But they keep walking and didn”t hear you. You really feel angry now. You really want to punch them head. You never think in your first day, you already get a problem.

Jin look at you. ”Mianhae… This’s my fault..”
After you hear said that. You smile and said. “No… that isn”t your fault. They have fault!”

After you said it You can see Jin look sad at his face. You walked over to him and hold his shoulder. “Hey! You look so ugly when you sad.. Lets help me to finish our punishment.” You smile at him.

After you said it, Jin looked at you and he chuckle at you. “You look so cute… You know?” said Jin.

And your face burn now. But you try to hide it and try to search another conversation. And look away. “Jin.. may I ask you?”
He nods. “Ne.. About what?”

“What”s the meaning of the name of your group?” You said and look curious at him.

He chuckled. “Do you mean BTS?” You nods at him.
He try to explain. “BTS is BangTan SonyeonDan and the meaning is we must to protect each other and keep together as one. Include me, Suga, V, J-hope,Jimin,Rapmon and Jungkook.”

“Wait… Suga have a pink-blonde hair, V have a black hair… and who is he? He have a brown hair? And blonde hair?”

“Jungkook have a brown hair… and blonde hair name is RapMon…” said Jin.

“ooh… and the boy with cute face name is Jimin, right? And the boy with big teeth name is J-hope…” You said it with innocent face.

“What? You said big teeth?” Jin laugh now.
After you see Jin laugh. You laugh too. “ But it’s right…”
Jin laugh and now he hold his stomatch. “ya…ya… you’re right.”

***Boy In Luv***

You have done with your punishment. And you really feel tired now. You see the time from your phone now. “What? 15.00 pm now?” You said it to Jin. And you look he sigh.

“We must to rest now.” Jin said to you. And you agree with him.
You and him sit at the chair in the room. You sigh now and try to stretched. “So, what will you doing now?” You said and look at Jin.

He look Blank now. You can see he was thinking about something now. “I must to search the proof…” He said to you.

“I will help you.”

“No… You… not to help me.” He said it and look away.

“Why I can’t help you?” You raise at him.

“Because… I didn’t want to put you in trouble again… You really kind to me…” He said it and keep look away.
You chuckle and hold the hand of him. ”I never think like that, okay? I will help you as friend.” You smile after said that.
Jin look at you and then he smile at you. “Gomawo…”

Yeaahh chapter 1 /part 1 is done! ^^
Chapter 1 / part 2 will release soon ^^

©Kim Tae_Ah©


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