***Boy In Luv***

This is a time you help Jin. Now you both in the park of school. <!–more–?

“So? What will we do? Do you get some a proof?” You look at him. He nods.

“I get it from RapMon…”

“Wow… They really forgive you?”

“Yes.. but Suga didn’t want to forgive me…”

“I’m sure after we find what happen, You all can be as one again.”

“So,What did he say ?” You curious.

“Someone send the photo to Suga phone.. After saw that, He really get mad. And he call his girlfriend. But the phoned can’t be contacted. And he try to text the message to the unknown number. But the unknown didn’t reply. Suga try to called the number but the number can’t be contacted. ” Jin explain to you.

“Wait… Someone send it to Suga? His girlfriend never contacted him after the inccident?”


“Do you remember when the first we meet? You look Jin  try to remember but didn’t know what’s that…”

“Jin Hyung!!”
You hear someone shouted at Jin. And you both return too see it. And You can see V smile at you and Jin. But he’s not alone, Rapmon,Jungkook,Jimin and J-hope is there too. But suga didn’t there with them. All of them walking toward to You and Jin.

“Hey hyung… what are you doing here?” J-hope asked Jin.

“I want to search who trapped me and make our friendship is messy.”

“I will help you hyung…” Jungkook said.

“No just you jungkook… But us will help you, right?” said Jimin.
You see all of them are nods. “But don’t forget me…” said You.

“Omo… [Y/N]___ right?” V asked you.You smile and nods.

“We want to say sorry…” Rapmon said and look at you now. You shocked and can’t believe to hear what he said to you.

“Yes… We want to say sorry…” Jimin said it and smile at you.
You nods and said. “I forgive all of you.”

“Thank You… [Y/N]___” All of member said it to You.

“So, Jin… Do you remember what happen?” You asked him. You can see he try to remember. And all member try to help him.

“I Remember It!”

***Boy In Luv***

You really happy now. You can see Jin and all member be together as one now. They hug each other now.

“Thank You [Y/N]___ “ said Suga.

“No Problem… I’m really happy all of you back as one together.” You smiled.

“[Y/N]___ I want to say… I’m sorry… When the first we meet, I give you a bad impression. Not just me but us…” Suga face look fault now. You never think he will say it to you.
After you see that, you smile and said. “Gwenchana… I forgive you.”

“So.. Can we start from the beginning?” “As friend?” You asked.

“Ne… Be friends..” Suga hug you. But all member see you and all member walking toward You and Suga and all of them hug you now.

“[Y/N]___” Jin said. “What?” “Please follow me..” Jin hold your hand. And pull you out the rooms and going to other place.
After you follow him. You and Jin in Park of school. You look so confused.

“[Y/N]___” Jin said your name again. You feel so weird with him. And You chuckled now.

“ You look so weird now…” Jin look nervous. But now he held your hand. You feel he so weird.

“[Y/N]___ I want we not just a friend… I want more…” He look at you intens. His gaze is really different now. He gaze change be serious when he look at you.
But then You hug him tighly. You whisper in his ear. “I want…” You smiled. Jin hugh you back and whisper to you.

“Gomawo… Saranghae..”

“Nado Saranghae.”

***Boy In Luv***

Jin remember what happen these day. He try to looking the unknown. You and all member going to the hotel when the accident was happen.
After you arrive there. Jin asked the receptionist about rooms and who check in these day.

“Gomawo…” said Jin to receptionist.

“How about now hyung?” ask V.

“I know where he’s leave…”

All member,Jin and You was go to the a place. Your all arrived in front of the big house. Your eyes are wide now.

“wow this house is really big…” said You.

“I agree with you..” said V.

“Hey… that’s suga girlfriend,right?” asked Jimin.

“You’re right Jimin hyung…” said Jungkook.

“Bitch!” V whispered. You can hear what V said.

“And look who’s he?” said You.

“That’s … Kim Minseok…” Jin said.

“What? Are you serious?” J-hope look shocked.

“Jin right… that’s Minseok..” said RapMon.

“Who’s he?” You look so confused and curious.

“He’s a new student before you.. and we ever bully him.” said Jimin.

“What? Now he was try to revenge? Asked You.

“Maybe…but he’s so coward.” said V

“But he really look different before now…” said J-hope with shocked face.

“And I”m sure… That girl just want the money from him…” said Jimin with a grin in his face.

“Hyung… call Suga hyung now to come here now…” Jungkook said to Rapmon.
After Jungkook said that, Rapmon taking his phone.

***Boy In Love***

“What you say,huh?” Jin punch Minseok on his face. Jin look so dissapointed now.
Now minseok fall. And his lips hurt now.

“Oppa… stop that…” Nana said. She is a suga ex girlfriend for now. But Jin didn’t hear her.
You try to hold up Nana hand. And other member just see it and no one want to help Minseok.

“Stop that!” Someone voice. All of you turn to see, and that’s Suga. You sigh. And you can see Suga walking toward to Minseok and Jin.

“Oppa….”  Nana said with whispered.

But Now Suga really dissapointed after see Nana. But Suga standing in front of Minseok Now. And now Suga look really mad and his hit Minseok face now.
Suga hit Minseok until Minseok can’t hit Suga back again. But Jin hold Suga now.

“Stop Suga… This’s enough.”

“This’s my first and last to hit you.”said Suga and his voice really mad.
And Nana try to remove my her hand and run to Minseok way. And she cry now. she hold up Minseok.

“Oppa… gwenchana?” After you hear Nana said that, you feel amused. And you never think she have a angel face but devil inside.

“Omg…” You whispered. Because you can’t believe with what you see.

“You really like a bitch!” Suga said to Nana. You can see Nana in shocked and crying after Suga said it to her. And all member look smile after hear what Suga said to her.

“This’s the moment I wait… suga hyung is really cool ! “ V said.
You can hear his and you think V is really look like a child. Suga walk away and Jin follow him.

“Its over.” Suga said to Jin and hold his shoulder.

“Lets go back…” Jin said.

00\Flashback End/00


*Bagaimana chingu? Cerita ini absurd + ngak jelas kan? XD
Saya harap kalian meninggalkan kritik + saran ^^


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